3 yr. olds - creative dance


All dancers must be 3 yrs. old by September 1st. 

Students must be potty trained and out of diapers/pull ups.


Ballet and Acrobatics

Class capacity: 11

This 55 minute class is designed to be a fun, first-time exposure to dance. Dancers will be taught beginning Ballet steps, terminology and learn gross motor skills. Dancers will work on strength, flexibility, coordination and balancing skills. 

Classes may consist of 3 & 4 year olds depending on students’ birthdates. 

December Show:

Costume Approx. $20.00, 1 performance              

June Recital:

Costume Approx. $75.00, 1 performance


  • Monday 11:00am, Pam
  • Monday 4:15pm, Elizabeth
  • Wednesday 10:00am, Nicole
  • Wednesday 5:15pm, Elizabeth
  • Thursday 11:00am, Pam
  • Friday 4:30pm, Amanda
  • Saturday 8:00am, Megan
  • Saturday 9:00am, Amanda
  • Saturday, 11:00am, Megan

Leotard & Hair

Any color & style leotard

Hair securely off the face and neck,

low ponytails. No buns, high ponytails 

or large, hair accessories.

Boys: T-shirt with shorts 

or athletic pants

Shoes & Tights

Pink Ballet shoes: Bloch brand

Pink or Tan, Footed tights: 

Bloch brand

Jazzy Tan, Stirrup tights:

Bodywrappers brand

Boys: Barefoot or 

Black Ballet shoes, no tights


No large tutus

No jewelry