2 yr. olds - toddler time


All dancers must be 2 yrs. old by September 1st.


Pre-Ballet and Movement

Class Capacity: 15

This 40 minute class is designed for toddlers and parents as a great introduction to dance. Our teacher guides the class through movement while helping to enhance gross motor coordination and listening skills through music, props and dance steps.

Toddler Time students do not perform in our December or June shows. They will perform in a special, in studio, May performance.

Dance Year: July - May

Monthly Class Tuition: $58.00


  • Monday 10:00 am, Cammy
  • Tuesday 3:15 pm, Pam
  • Saturday 8:00 am, Courtney P.
  • Saturday 10:00 am, Courtney P.

Leotard & Hair

Any color & style leotard or t-shirt


Hair securely off the face and neck. 

DO NOT wear buns, high ponytails 

or large, hair accessories.

Boys: T-shirt

Shoes & Tights

Pink ballet shoes, tennis shoes that are used just for class or barefoot, no sleepwear slippers  

Any color footed tights or socks 

Boys: Barefoot or tennis shoes, no tights


Adult: Comfortable or athletic clothing with tennis shoes, socks or barefoot

No jewelry