Take Five Dance Academy, Goodyear, Arizona






"...an impact on her life."
Wow! Fourteen years ago when Sarah and I walked into the studio and signed up her up for "Creative Dance", I never dreamed it would have such an impact on her life. Take Five Dance is Sarah's second home, and there, she has a family of sisters. I attribute so much of her hard work, confidence, gracefulness, poise and charm to the studio. I believe this has made her the student she is today in school. Her dad and I are grateful to the studio, staff and friends we have made there over the years.

The Ridges
Started with Take Five Dance in 1994

"It was love at first dance!"
As a mother VERY active children, in the name of sanity, I was looking for an activity that my daughters would enjoy and expand some of their energy. I contacted the local dance studio to let them try the complimentary class.

It was love at first dance! We all enjoyed the combination of interaction and exercise. We enrolled that day! It was to my good fortune that the dance school was Take Five Dance!

The Academy Director, has a philosophy of “Whether or not your child pursues dance professionally, they will have the background both on and off the stage to succeed.” I fully realized that, especially at recital times. Some of the rules seemed nonsensical to me at the time. However, as my daughters continued in their dance, we have had the opportunity to go to many different recitals and competitions both locally and nationally; I can now see the wisdom behind that philosophy.

It is a great feeling to know that at Take Five their dance training is age appropriate. The school is looking after my child’s long term best interest, not the short term trophy, at the risk of my child’s health.

The level of professionalism at all levels of dance is impressive, and when Take Five participates or competes in any event, comments are always made about how well behaved the kids are. This is all a result of the expectations laid out at Take Five.

Now that my daughters are both young women I can see that many benefits that growing up at Take Five has afforded them: Confidence, Poise, Posture and to my surprise, Time Management and Enchanced Academic Skills.

And for that, I will always be grateful.

The DeLongs
Started with Take Five Dance in 1991

"We love how our children have grown..."
My children Channah and Jesse are students at Take Five Dance Academy. We love Take Five. We love how our children have grown to not only be talented dancers but more confident kids. We think the teachers are awesome, loving people who not only are talented performers themselves but really love working with kids.

I also have to commend the Director, for how smoothly she runs things. When she says that something is going to happen at a certain time, you can be guaranteed that not only will it happen on time, but it will be completed on time. She knows how to move people in and out of practices and rehearsals with great efficiency.

The Myers
Started with Take Five Dance in 2002

"...have established strong friendships."
The past three years our daughters have participated in various dance classes at Take Five Dance Academy. They have been provided with top notch instruction by qualified and friendly instructors who not only are great teachers, but are also great role models.

The dance instructors are professional, patient and encouraging. Each one of them show compassion and creates a positive dance experience for their students.

My wife and I have had the pleasure of watching our daughters develop their dancing abilities over the years. During this time our daughters have established strong friendships that have gone beyond the studio.

Take Five Dance Academy is a place where everyone can share their love for dance. We truly enjoy being part of the academy and we look forward to a long continuing relationship.

The Boatwrights
Started with Take Five Dance in 2005

"...much encouragement and support..."
Kira began dancing with Take 5 when she was 5 years old with Ballet/Tap 1. She received much encouragement and support from her teacher, which led her to continue dancing and grow as a dancer.

She now is a company dancer taking 6 classes each week. Each of her teachers set high expectations for Kira. Her love for all types of dance comes from the support and encouragement of the Take 5 teachers.

The Silvas
Started with Take Five Dance in 2003

"...attribute a lot of that confidence..."

Our daughter Keerstyn began dancing here around 1998. We are enjoying the confident, self assured, young woman that she is growing into and attribute a lot of that confidence to Take Five and their staff. Our other children: Landen, Leightyn and Rylee have enjoyed dancing here as well. They all have formed bonds of friendship, that have survived over the years.

The instructors have only ever demonstrated love and concern for our children and are interested in providing them with a level of instruction that will allow them to pursue dance careers. Our family has had a long wonderful relationship with Take Five and we are looking forward to many more memories.

The Edwards
Started with Take Five Dance in 1998